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Life Insurance

While no one in Georgia is required to have life insurance, this coverage can benefit just about anyone. It covers things like funeral services, burial, cremation, monuments and other needs that arise when a person passes away. Some policies also make it easier to borrow money in the years before the benefit is claimed.

An important reason to sign up for this type of insurance is that it offers peace of mind for you as well as your family. You won't have to worry about the future as much. If anyone is partially or fully dependent on you, the benefit can support them for a time.


Most coverage comes in the form of whole life or term insurance. A whole-life plan normally remains in effect as long as you want it to. You can also borrow from its accumulated value or use it as collateral when you take out a loan. Specialized whole-life policies are available for children.

  • Treated as an asset
  • Greater versatility
  • Long-term solution

On the other hand, a term life plan remains in effect for a certain number of years. The insurer decides if you may renew it at the end of this period. You can't use it for borrowing purposes. Some insurance companies will let you convert term policies to whole life.


Insurers allow customers to choose between a wide range of benefit amounts. The optimal choice varies depending on several different factors. A person who favors cremation may select a smaller benefit than someone who prefers burial and a large monument. It's also best to think about any dependents who might need assistance.

Canton-area residents can turn to Foundation Financial LLC for a trusted source of personal life insurance plans. Our skillful agents know how to helpfully guide clients through the process of selecting the right policy. To gain peace of mind and protect your family's future, please visit us in Canton, Georgia, or contact Foundation Financial LLC today.